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Cadillac CTSV Composites

In the racing world there are many great composite manufacturers and some not so great that are in the Mustang and Camaro world. But our Cadillac CTSV Composites are a first of their kind retaining factory body lines and features while shedding massive amounts of weight.

Cadillac CTSV Carbon Fiber Front Clip Assembly ( One piece bumper, fenders, hood ) Also available in Fiberglass

This all came to light when client Jerry Groves wanted to transform his already record shattering CTSV into the something never seen before. The HFR team went to work constructing a cutting edge chassis as usual but the challenge would be getting the weight out of the factory body.

Cadillac CTSV Carbon Fiber Doors and Roof Panel ( Also available in Fiberglass )

After a 1000 plus hours of making a plug, constructing the mold all the way in to the final part we have what has become a highly sought after set of panels that aren’t available anywhere else. HFR offers the front clip, doors, rear bumper, wing and roof panels for the Cadillac CTSV. You can find several of these builds across the United States now and will continue to see a growth of demand for these parts.

Cadillac CTSV Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper and Wing Assembly ( Also available in Fiberglass )

If you are interested in your very own setup we can make them in carbon fiber and fiberglass. Contact us today to get started in your CTSV weight loss program!

Shop Supply Saturday

#shopsupplysaturday – these titanium tabs, brackets, pads and more are essential pieces to the way HFR builds race cars. Which is exactly why we want to bring them to you via our online store.

Loads of titanium brackets and tabs fresh off the water jet in house!

Next up will be chromoly parts and pieces as we cut up stacks of material 🤣

Stay tuned!


The Next Level of Anti Roll Bar Technology!

HFR once again steps up to take the anti roll bar and suspension travel to the next level. With the demands of the tiny 275 Mickey Thompson drag radial in the racing world there is just as much demand for suspension separation during a run. So we are happy to bring something fresh and new to the racing world that will meet these demands.

HFR Fabrication – 7″ Billet ARB Arms

We can now introduce to you the 7″ Billet ARB Arm fresh off the machines. This beauty will take your suspension tuning and capabilities off the charts. Built around one of the best Anti Roll Bars on the market from Mark Williams Enterprises this is the perfect addition to your package whether you are building new or upgrading an older setup.

Head on over to our Online Store and get yours today!

#ThrowBackThursday – The Early days of HFR!

#ThrowbackThursday – Waaaaaay back to the 90’s and the “Mud Rat”. Rodney Covington of Sykesville, MD set the class record first weekend out in his HFR Built chassis. Antique by today’s standards with all mild steel construction but as usual with HFR it was ahead of its time.

Rodney Covington’s HFR Fabrication built “Mud Rat” ( circa 1997 )


TEAM HFR & #005

TEAM HFR may seem like something brand new to most but in reality its a continuation of what master fabricator / chassis builder Henry Fryfogle started way back in 1997. All through is youth Henry traveled and raced with his father Carnie and their friends as well as his own racing ventures which ultimately put HFR Fabrication on the map.

TEAM HFR – Manchester MD

The grand plan has just been a work in progress and with a great client base as well as an amazing team around HFR the return is inevitable. After nearly 15 years away from driving and racing competitively Henry is building and suiting up to make a grand return on multiple levels.

Car #1 in the fleet of TEAM HFR is a 20 year old hard tail dragster that has been dubbed #005. #005 is the 5th dragster chassis that was ever built in the HFR Fabrication shop and has now had a major resurrection to its 20 year old structure. After completely dismantling the car from front to rear it has received a new fiberglass HFR Composites body that was complimented with Autos Unlimited Paint job and soon will have a custom Graphics package laid on by Graphics by TMK.

Under that fresh new look is more fresh, fresh new black powder coat on the chassis that is made safe with the very best from White Safety Equipment in the form of belts and a parachute. Competitive Wiring will update the electronics on board to final prep #005 for its return to the track hitting some local bracket races for starters.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks as we near completion, Thanks ~TEAM HFR

Special thanks to those who support us……

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