From rendering to reality the Cadillac CTS-V build is finally starting to take shape. Most recently the final body panel was completed. The front clip is a custom piece created by our very own boss man Henry Fryfogle. Starting with the existing front clip each piece was bonded together along with a flat V6 hood and from there the new cowl hood was laid out from the original rendering.

After several hundred hours alone in the front clip plug it was sent off to the mold shop and then finally laid out in carbon fiber which can be seen complete in the most recent photos of the car on the ground.

One may ask why create all of this when there are some Cadillac front clips already in production? But none of them are like this one and retain all of the details of the factory front end which will help set this car apart from any other at the track. As a matter of fact each panel has had a personal touch put on it from front to back and pretty soon we will be offering individual pieces from the front clip, carbon doors, roof, decklid and rear bumpers to everyone.

Final fabrication will commence this coming week and the owner looks to be out testing early next year and we can’t wait to bring you another update!